Popular Unusual Sports In The World

unusual sport

There are many sports that have made it to the Olympics and have a great reputation. But did you know there are unusual sports that are getting popular? One among them is Toe wrestling. The name may sound bizarre, but this is taken seriously among those who love the sport. Sports like Wife Carrying also have World Championships. Despite wondering if these are truly a sport but make it all the more interesting and hilarious. Check out these unusual sports.

Ostrich racing has reached the US from Africa. Research says Ostrich can run 43 miles in an hour, and their legs are long enough to reach 16 feet in a single stride. Contenders sit on the ostrich and race them on the track.

under water hockey

Chessboxing is a combination of chess and boxing. It has round of chess and bouts of boxing. Underwater hockey is similar to the hockey we play on the ground, but this is played underwater. It was found in the year 1954 in the United Kingdom. Toe wrestling is where two contenders lock their feet and battle with their toes similar to hand wrestling. The goal is to pin down each other. Zorbing is a popular racing act. Contenders get into a huge transparent ball and glide down the hill or water or obstacles kept in the way.

Shovel racing is an ice game. Just sit n the shovel and race down the hill. It was included in the Winter X Games in the year 1997 with the competitor severely injured it turned out to be the last game. Sporthocking known as the extreme sitting game was found in Germany. Specialized stools are used to perform the trick. Elephant polo is the regular polo but plays sitting on the elephant using long sticks. It is found in India, Thailand and Nepal. Cycleball is a game where two cyclists compete with each other trying to put the ball in the goal post. Other unusual games are making it to the popular list for its innovation and fun aspect.


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