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Venus Williams Pins Her Hopes On The Quarterfinals


Ace tennis player Venus Williams enters the quarter finals after defeating Alice Cornet of France in the third round of French Open tennis tournament held at Roland Garros Stadium in Paris on May 28. Williams can make it to the eighth round of the Grand Slam tournament if she wins the fourth round against Switzerland’s Timea Bacsinzky. Commenting on her win, she said that Pais is her favorite destination and winning the match was an excuse to stay a little longer. Each round will get better and said she is not going to take it lightly.

venus williams

Venus Williams played her first match in 1997 at the French Open where she was part of a team. 20 years later she has the reputation of being the oldest women player. She will be 36 soon. She had seven single titles to her credit, and five of this was won at the Wimbledon, she won two at the US open, but she was not making it big at the Roland Garros recently. She was not part of the 2011 tournament, and she was unable to move past the first or second plays since 2012 to 2015. For Williams, this is the 44th match and for Bacsinszky it 26.

Williams won both matches, and they played opposite each other before, but it was a long time ago at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and 2015 US open. Last year Bacsinszky reached the semifinals but lost to the Serena Williams. While speaking of her opponent, Williams said that it was a long time she played Bacsinszky and hopes she plays better now as she is seeded No 9. She finished saying she is better too. Meanwhile, on Monday, three US women will be playing including Williams sisters and Madison Keys. Even a single win would mean they will join Shelby Roger giving multiple quarterfinalists since 2004.


How Health Foods Can Go Wrong?

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Health foods are often associated with low-fat foods, as people believe that fat is bad for health. But, health foods are loaded with carbohydrates. People who have tried low-fat diet and added more packaged health foods in their diet would have noticed that it does not help. This is because fat, fiber, and protein are required on a daily basis for the body to function every day. But, food companies started removing fat and replaced it with sugar, which is considered far more dangerous than fat.

A recent study by The Guardian mentions that in 1972, John Yudkin- a British nutrition professor warned that sugar is dangerous than fat. For this claim, the professor was criticized widely.

Carbohydrates provide energy by breaking down to glucose. Sugars breakdown faster, and dramatically raise the blood glucose level. Foods like milk and fruit contain sugar along with fiber and protein and other nutrients. But the health foods contain only carbohydrates, which does not give any nutrition and makes the person even hungrier. The study claims that the calories we gain are mostly from processed food such as bread, cakes, soda and snack bars.

Dietary guidelines with fat-restriction came into effect on 1977 in US which suggests limiting intake of fat to 10%. However, recent studies by BMJ claim that fat restriction has little to no effect in improving health after an eight-year trial with fifty thousand women undergoing fat restriction diet. It did not reduce the women’s risk of cancer, or their weight.

Food companies started replacing fat with carbohydrates, increasing health threats as the ideal amount of sugar intake is just 50 grams per day. The solution for this major health threat is the intake of healthy fats from foods like avocado, nuts and fish and cutting back on refined carbohydrates and snacks. Vegetables are important for an everyday meal. Nuts are a source of healthy fats and fiber. Incorporating fishes like salmon helps protect cell membranes, as they have omega-3 fatty acids. Avocados are rich in fat, fiber and have less sugar. Eating a few slices a day is healthier than carb rich foods.

Getting Rid Of Health Foods Misconceptions


Health foods have replaced naturally available products- cow milk is replaced by almond milk. Even though few health foods do have their benefits, they are not as healthy as they claim to be.
Multivitamins are being taken by people every day. Vitamins do have a great role in processing our energy, but the little amount needed is present on the food we eat. Hence, there is no real need for pills unless the person is deficient.

Almond butter is extremely costly and is said to have health benefits. But, Andy Bellati- a certified dietitian says that it has no more nutritional value than peanut butter. It also has vitamin E, protein, and healthy fats. Juicing fruits or vegetables removes their fiber content which is the major ingredient to make one feel full. Juice has only sugar, which causes constant hunger and low- protein results in losing muscle mass. Gluten-free food does not have any huge health impact. Similarly, almond milk does not have any nutrient in it. Cow milk can be replaced with soy milk.

Granola bars are one of the much-consumed health foods, but it contains a huge amount of sugar in it. A single cup of granola contains 600 calories which equal the calories consumed by eating two turkeys. Avoiding egg yolks and eating only egg whites started when experts claimed that yolk had bad cholesterol. However, recent studies show that dietary cholesterol has little to no effect on blood cholesterol level.

Contradictory to popular beliefs, water that is bottled is not healthier or cleaner than normal drinking water. Agave replaced sugar for its low glucose content. However, it has fructose, another sweetener, which causes as much health threat as increased glucose levels. Detoxing the body is completely pointless as the body itself cleanses and filters any harmful substances through kidney and liver. Blood is filtered by the kidney to remove dietary toxins while liver detoxifies chemicals from medications.

Coconut oil is identical to olive oil but has increased the number of saturated fats. Himalayan pink salt has minerals like calcium, potassium, and iron, but experts say it serves no purpose and is just like any other salt. Similarly, coconut water has the same nutritional value as water and a piece of fruit.